!Prices are in SGD!

Portrait 65/+

half body 120/+

full 200/+

character sheet 450/+

Live 2D Model

  • full body $1300/+

  • half body $1000/+

  • +$50 per extra gesture (e.g. waving, heart)

  • +$30 for each extra expression (sparkle/heart/emoticon-like eyes)

  • extra design fees apply

General Commission Guide

  • i own all rights to my work. you are allowed to use live2D models for commercial purposes.

  • you are allowed to post commissions if you credit me.

  • to start a commission, send me an email or dm me on twitter.

  • make sure you are at a good place financially. i don't take loan payments unless i know you through friends.

  • i will send you a watermarked image (usually a detailed/completed sketch) to show that i have started on your commission. you are then required to make the full payment.

  • commission prices vary depending on complexity. starting prices are not final.

  • try to be as specific as possible when describing your character. including references helps a lot. i will charge extra for designing characters from scratch.

  • you may request for wip at any point when i am working on it.

  • make sure to send the .psd file to the live2D rigger. if there are any discrepancies with the file, i will make the corrections for free.

  • i accept payments by paypal or bank transfer (preferred).

❤ thanks for reading ❤